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1:Mainly consist of crust, gas or solid tube arrester, thermal resistance PTC, reed and base pin Perfect and reliable over-voltage and over-current protection with sound and light alarm, and selfresulming fail protection.

2 :Size (mm): L x W x H: 50 x 9.5 x11.5

3:Theperformance of anti-burn: PPT(UL94V-0) or anti-burn ABS(UL94V-0),combustibility achieved GB/T 5169.7-1985 standard

4:DCpuncture voltage: 190-260V

5:Pulsepuncture voltage: ≤800V(1KV/us  voltage increasing rate)

6:Insulationresistance: 1000MΩbetween any twoseparable modules

7:Normaltemperature resistance: ≤22ΩR≤2Ωover-currentprotection

8:Contactresistance: ≤3mΩ

9:Contactresistance between reeds: ≤7mΩ

10:Normaltemperature current:

a.falling from 500mA to 150mA  t20s

b. falling from 1A to 500mA     t1.3s

c. falling from 2A to 500mA     t0.5s

d. falling from 3A to 500mA     t0.2s

11:Sactivetime:I=2.5A  t15s(220V/AC), When discharge achieve 2.5Ar.m.s, the a line orb line should be5-15S internal earthing in the discharge loop

12:resistanceto voltage: ≥1000V(AC)/1minwithout breakdown or arc

Over-Current and Over-Voltage Protector Units

Front-mounted, fast-acting protection plug for installation in all VS Standard disconnection modules – Integral testing and measuring interface




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